Our Mission


Strengthening Fundamentals

The mission of the Omineca Coalition is to provide unified, cross-regional leadership that ensures place-based, innovation driven, economic diversification, sustainable development and, resiliency.   The Coalition will lead with integrity and dedication, initiating collaborative solutions that enable all our citizens to better determine future opportunities and respond to challenges.

Our Capstone Objectives

Our region is exists on a foundation of abundant productive land and natural resources, but we need to create the right set of circumstances if our citizens and the rest of the province are to continue enjoying the potential benefits. We call these fundamental requirements our "Capstone Objectives" – the things that connect and strengthen our ability to succeed. By having all sectors working together within the region, and in partnership with neighboring regions, senior governments and others, we can strengthen the framework upon which our future success will be built. Achievement of the following long-term goals will provide strength and resilience across all sectors and communities in the region.

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Making Forest Policy More Effective 


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